Complex pro. management

Complex process management

Studio di Ingegneria Parrini is able to manage multidisciplinar projects, optimizing the needed resources and avoiding all the "no man's land" that have a great responsability in loosing time and money.
Hereunder are briefly presented some recent projects

Digital Wall / Video Wall in Milan (Italy)

Studio di Ingegneria Parrini is responsible for project, structural calculation, construction and safety management for  a concave/curved digital/video wall 40 sqm, located in Milan. Mandant: Fineco Bank SpA and Unicredit Group.

Cooperative Housing in Milan (Italy)

Studio di Ingegneria Parrini managed a Cooperative housing, building a residential complex with an area of 1.600 sqm. We took care of all the problems from the project, construction and economical point of view.

Production Plant in Mumbai (India)

Studio di Ingegneria Parrini was involved from Business Plan formulation till projecting and internal lay out designing of a plant for metal, glass and wood shelves production.
The "Studio" was the link between italian Head quarter and indian suppliers and consultants.
Plant project was implemented in cohoperation with Esthete Company (Mumbai)

Tooling Maintenance Program (China and Taiwan)

 Studio di Ingegneria Parrini classified, labelled, drawn more than 150 toolings and dies produced by many different chinese companies for our italian customer. Furthermore we prepared a maintance program data sheet and we discussed, with all the chinese suppliers, methods and instructions concerning the quality acceptability requirements regarding the produced components.