Structures and fire prevention

Structural calculations

-strain gauge and crackmeters positioning
-sclerometric magnometric, ultrasonic and sonreb test
-structural inspections and load test
-structural calculation for concrete and metal strutures

Fire prevention activities

The owner of the Studio is inserted in the list of fire prevention tecnicians accordine to D.M. 05.08.2011 (DLgs 139 del 08.03.2006 art 16).


The owner of the Studio is able to give technical support for "after fire" structural analisys and safety activities and for  reconstruction phase

NDT equipments

Equipment and Instrumentation:

- Thermal Imaging Camera Flir model E60 bx s/n 64520293 with 15° lens

- DM Master deformometer made by AISI 304 steel with calibration RIGOR steel basis and 1/1000 micrometer

- Wood testing system IML RESI F400

- Hygrometer Flir model MR77

- Vane anemometer by Testo model 410-2

- Sclerometer serie N, s/n N17018 with calibration equipment

- Cover meter Novascan R630A s/n R8150607W

- 30 data Logger Lascar model EL-USB 2 for measuring temperature and humidity